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When I started to solve sudoku puzzles several years back, I thought that as soon as I learned everything there is to learn about sudoku puzzle solving, it wouldn't be as fun and rewarding to continue any more.

The good news is that now when I know everything, I'm more addicted than ever. It isn't just about knowing everything about sudoku puzzle solving, you also must be able to maintain focus hard enough, not to do any mistakes during the whole process, that if it is a very difficult one, can take around an hour to complete.

I have found that if I start the day after breakfast, solving a difficult sudoku puzzle, manage to maintain focus and do everything right until it is solved, I get a very good start of the day and continue to do everything right all the way until the evening when the day is over.

Sudoku puzzle solving has been a great tool to indicate my ability to engage in complicated and difficult tasks or projects and bring them to a successful end.

If I run into problems with my daily sudoku puzzle, I take it easy the rest of the day and avoid all complicated tasks or projects that day. I can do that because I am retired and can do whatever I want to do during a day.

Before I retired back in 2001, I worked as an independent IT consultant in software engineering. When I came accross my first sudoku puzzle, my first thought was; How can I make an application that produces sudoku puzzles? Quite logical, right? In order to answer that question I needed to learn all about sudoku puzzles. Not long after that I had my PC application ready and started to make my own sudoku puzzles. I could have made another application that solved the sudoku puzzles for me, but that was some kind of stupid idea because it would take all fun out of it, right? So I'm still solving them manually.

f you are a sudoku puzzle solver or want to be one, you are welcome to visit my web site about sudoku puzzles and all sorts of problem solving. There you can create free sudoku puzzles of all difficulty levels from very easy to very difficult. You can also chose whether you solve them directly on the website or print them out on paper for later use. I would recommend you to bookmark that web page so you can go there whenever you need a sudoku puzzle.

Why not bookmark this blog, I will very soon start a series of articles about soudoku puzzle solving.

Go here to my Sudoku Web Page.


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